How to Make an Edible Apple Swan!

How to make a decorative, and completely edible, apple swan! I made a few modifications to the original idea, to get the effect you see here.

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Project Inspired By:

A friend in England in 2001 showed me the idea originally. I also found to help refresh my memory, and then made a few of my own changes to make the swan look better and more attractive. I got the inspiration for using seeds as eyes in this video:

Project History & More Info:

I remembered someone showing me how to make an apple into a swan while I was in England in 2001. I can’t remember who it was though, and I just remember that it was a nice try, and although the wings looked cool, and head and neck were terrible.

I really liked the idea though, so I spent an entire day cutting up apples in different ways to see if I could make it better.

I also saw a video online where someone used apple seeds to make eyes ( which was really awesome, so I tried to incorporate that in.

I ended up with this method for making the apple swan, which I think really looks incredible, and we ended up putting them on display for some dinner guests we had that night.

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