20 Replies to “《烏克蘭媽媽淚謝台灣》盼有機會來台答謝 Thank You Taiwan”

  1. JC Young

    This YouTube piece reminds many of their mom and pa 50, 60 years ago in Taiwan under cruel martial law. It’s heartbreaking to send kids overseas to face unprotected situation. Have faith and courage, things will always turn bright sooner or later for those keep working hard while waiting! God bless!

  2. Rain No5

    我個人認為請有能力的人提供台灣工作崗位給Lina的媽媽, 確定工作崗位, 大家再集資旅費,這樣他們就能快點來台就也能早點穩定下來,一家人也能在一起。才是最快速的解決方案。


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