VAVA – 我的新衣 My New Swag (Feat. Ty. & 王倩倩) (華納 Official HD 官方MV) REACTION

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Nickolas Reacts To VAVA – 我的新衣 My New Swag (Feat. Ty. & 王倩倩) (華納 Official HD 官方MV) For The First Time
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14 Replies to “VAVA – 我的新衣 My New Swag (Feat. Ty. & 王倩倩) (華納 Official HD 官方MV) REACTION”

  1. rachel Pottorff

    Their outfits and her hairstyles are from her native home Sichuan China and the rap is in Sichuan dialect that's why the subs are in Mandarin Chinese….the song is a mix of culture and Sichuan opera. Her braids are traditional hairstyle from Sichuan 💖💞


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